Indeed, there are some HARD-CORE Conservatives across the nation that want to proudly display their support for President Trump in a larger than normal fashion. Thus, we created the 10” Wooden Knuckle.

The 10” Wooden Knuckle is a LIMITED EDITION of 500 Wooden Knuckles specific to each city that President Trump holds a rally in during the 2020 election. Like the 3” Wooden Knuckles, each of these 10” Wooden Knuckles are 10” have the name of the hosting city proudly displayed above the eagle.

NOTE! We are reserving the #45 from each city for President Trump to acknowledge his commitment to the citizens in each city.

SPECIAL ORDER – Due to the time and cost of engraving the 10” Wooden Knuckle, they are considered a Specialty Item and as such, we have not engraved one for each city for display. That said, we did engrave one for DALLAS for good reason.