10” GENERAL WOODEN KNUCKLE – The 10” General Wooden Knuckle is a massive wooden token designed to convey and commemorate the support of the most hard-core Americans across the United States of American that supported President Trump during the 2020 election.

Unlike the 3” General Wooden Knuckle that has a limited edition of 1% of the potential Republican voters in 2020, the 10” General Wooden Knuckle will have a limited edition of just 50,000 with 75% of all net proceeds supporting programs that support the inclusion of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

It is essential to direct 75% of all net proceeds toward such a worthy cause to prove to ALL Americans, especially Democrats, that Republicans care about supporting those who are the most vulnerable in our society just as much as those who embrace a socialist agenda. The only difference with this methodology is that the private sector is providing this much needed support as opposed to layers of red-tape government programs that end up spending the revenue that is designed to help others on bureaucratic BS.

Please know that each 10” General Wooden Knuckle is independently unique with its own gain of wood and exclusive number between 1 and 50,000. While the lower numbers may have more collectible value to some, the intrinsic value of each 10” General Wooden Knuckle boldly displaying TRUMP’S TWEETS MATTER is presidentially priceless.